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If you ask a stranger on a street to buy you an ice cream, he’d walk away. However, if you asked a stranger to tell you the time, most people would do so. If you then talked to him, get acquainted more closer and make friends, he’d probably buy.

The moral of this story is not exactly the world’s full of free ice cream.

The moral of the story is that in order to catch your customers, it is necessary to be trickier.

So that, I’m not offering you a trivial campaign setup - I'm offering solution for your business boost. I want to help you build a chain of interaction with your audience: interest -> convert -> hold, where each link represents a separate level of the sales funnel:

1. Interest - introduce your business to the “cold” audience and increase brand awareness;

2. Convert - obtain conversions from the “warmed” audience;

3. Hold - get your brand promoters from the “hot” customers’ audience and make them to re-purchase.

For each level, you'll get specially developed ad versionstarget audiencescampaign management during the announced period and funnel strategy for further actions. 

Contact me - I will suggest the best option for your case.

Facebook ads costs are not included to the any package. Gig includes only full setting of the campaign and its management in order to achieve the lowest possible price for the targeted action (lead, click, etc). So to start you need to have the correct payment method in your AdsManager

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